The Environmental use of Essences in your Home

This introductory article encourages you to explore working with the energies of your home and your immediate environment. Based upon my personal perspective and experience, I hope it will help you will develop your own approach, as I have found this process highly rewarding.

*This article was originally published in Sentire Magazine

When you walk into a place that is designated as a sacred space, such as meditation hall or a church, you can immediately feel its vibrational
energies. You will have your own words for the qualities you experience, but they are created through a combination of factors: perhaps the
space was deliberately intended for this purpose, built taking into account the energies of the land and the points of the compass, and consecrated,
cleaned, and maintained.


The regularly repeated focus, rituals, meditation, prayers, music, use of flowers, art, symbols, incense and candles all contribute to – and maintain – the vibrational frequency. In turn, this energy feels like it joins with the very fabric of the building. Rooms where meditation and healing take place regularly have an almost tangible quality of alive peacefulness.


Walk into a temple or church that has been neglected or abandoned, and you will may feel very differently.


Our Relationships with our Environment


Walk into different buildings, go round the rooms in your house, and notice the variations in how you feel. This helps you tune in and decide how you want your personal space to feel, how you want it to affect you. You can take charge of your own space, creating the atmosphere that will best support you. We humans have a direct effect upon our environment. There is always an interplay between us and our surroundings, on both the seen and the unseen levels. We can work directly with our own personal surroundings – our home and our place of work – to nudge the environment towards the positive qualities we want to enhance: feelings of harmony and peaceful focus for a space where you want to work, or a warm and convivial atmosphere for a space where your family gathers. We can also work to remove or lessen energetic qualities that are negative and disturbing, or that do not support us as human residents or the purposes for which we want to use the space.


In Britain, because we live on a small island that has been inhabited for thousands of years, there is not the pristine land you can find in places like New Zealand. Instead, every inch of space has been purposed and repurposed by countless generations. Those readers living here, might want to consider how this affects us. If you live in another part of the world, what is the history of your land and country? Many places are polluted with energetic residues of the past – from war, conflict, emotional distress, ghosts or other discarnate energies – that are stuck or parasitic, and a history of insensitive and unaware and use and exploitation.


Because we are used to this background of energetic clutter, it seems that we do not notice it so much; yet, it can have a strongly negative effect upon us and sap our vitality. If we all take responsibility for cleansing and re-purposing the little patch of land we live on, this can have a considerable effect. It is just that no one does this, and so many places, even within our own homes and work spaces, remain neglected if we do not really care for them.


Essences and Devic Beings


Working with essences to improve a space can be very effective. To do this, you need to work alongside Nature. The local devic spirits are happy to work with you, if you approach them in a respectful way and are clear about what you are asking for. By being patient, persistent and consistent, and taking the time to read the energies and communicate with the devas, you will achieve good results.


We are still at the beginning of understanding how all of this works, and so it is important that you experiment to find methods and essences that work with you and for you, without dogma. Your own personal creativity in this work is so important.


The Energy of Clutter


Caring for a place begins with keeping it clear and ordered, as much as possible.


Having said that, I have found when I have a disordered space – for example, a pile of ironing or clutter that I feel I cannot cope with – spraying it thoroughly with Purification Spray from Alaskan Essences, walking away for a few days and then coming back to resolve it has really helped: the chaotic energy seems to settle to  the point where I can then cope with it. You need to feel happy and bright within your space, and that it supports and nourishes you. You may find that certain areas or rooms seem to accumulate clutter, however much you tidy them, or that no one wants to linger in them. You need to address this problem at an energetic level.


Layers of Stress


There may be underlying geopathic stress, requiring you to investigate what is happening in the local environs. To do this, you need to work layer by layer – much as we do when working with essences with people – if the issues are too difficult to resolve all at once.


Once you clear a layer, you will find that the next one becomes available to work with. I have learnt that working within the issues of my environment goes hand in hand with working on myself. As your own vibration increases, it is natural that your surroundings become brighter, too. As when working with people, you can follow a protocol of clearing, bringing in positive energies, and then maintaining and extending them.


Clearing my own Home


I would like to share with you the ways I have been working with my own house. A few years ago, I moved into a spacious Victorian terraced house. Immediately, I loved the place and felt welcomed by it; but I soon began to notice a number of energetic and physical problems interplaying with each other. I went to get help with this – and through this process, I have learned to tackle these problems.


Through dowsing, I learned that the front of the house, facing north, was excessively yin, and affected by an underground stream, while the energy at the back of the house, facing south, was hot and edgy: too yang. I slept in the north side and had great trouble getting out of bed, while my son slept in the south and could never get to sleep!


There began to be numerous problems with plumbing and drainage, to do with excessive water falling in the wrong places: showers and baths had not been correctly installed, water was running down the walls, and rain and groundwater were coming in. Of course, the first thing to do was to address the structural problems. Bringing in repairs, order and as  much harmony as I could create, began to make a difference over time – although I have noticed that these areas can quickly slip backwards if I don’t pay attention to creeping clutter.


There was another level to the problems, however: I was bothered by resident ghosts. As soon as I got rid of one or two, more would arrive. They were creepy and intrusive, and bothered everyone in the house. I understood that I needed to raise the vibration in the space sufficiently so that these beings could no longer feel comfortable. It is not a good idea to be tolerant and share your space with ghosts, as they have to get their energy from somewhere – you. They need to be treated with firmness and compassion, and sent to the light: you want as little contact with them as possible.


I learned that these discarnate beings are attracted to areas with high yin energies, especially where there are hidden underground streams beneath a property. This meant that I had to do something to first understand, and then alter, the energetic patterning of the house.


It has become my practice in working with all interior spaces to tune in and communicate with the local spirits of place, the resident deva of the house, the gnomes who inhabit the garden, and any other beings who are involved in the upkeep of the energies of place.


One thing that I had not taken into account was that this area of Plymouth was badly bombed in the last war: the surrounding landscape was disturbed and shocked, and some of the local devas were still affected. Thus, in learning to clear my own space, I also had to learn to raise the energy of the surrounding land. In doing this, I looked at maps, studied the local history and, as far as possible, consulted with the devas to establish what was needed to restore a sense of harmony and wellbeing for all.


Healing your House and Land


I have developed a very simple approach to this, which works for me. The more I practise it, the easier it becomes. You might want to try this and use it develop your own personal approach.

I establish a clear focus and intention for something I need help with. For example, “I request help to make my back garden into a balanced, peaceful and nourishing space for both humans and wildlife”.


I open a coning, in the manner described in the Perelandra approach. For this, you need a quiet and undisturbed space and essences to support you, such as the Perelandra ETS combination (Energy Trauma Solution) for humans – or any trauma support essence. (Yes, our energetic system can experience this process as traumatic.)


You need a pendulum for dowsing, and a pen and paper. I open the space with respect, lighting a candle and incense, and requesting the presence of all the local elemental spirits and devas, naming any I am aware of, but also requesting all of those involved in the energetic upkeep and wellbeing of the land and house. I request the presence of Pan, as the overseeing nature spirit, and the presence of my own guides and higher self.


Working with your pendulum, you can ask ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions, and, if you are creative, you can get a great deal of information this way. It is essential to trust the information you receive, simply writing it down at this stage: you can review it later. I have been delighted to discover just how much information I can receive in a session. I have found that the devas are very willing to work with me if I make clear requests, if I am respectful and if I also ask them what they need in return. My impression has been that they have welcomed my involvement as a human who is making some attempt to help restore well-being in places where other humans have disturbed and unsettled the land. Without direct requests from us, Nature beings do their own thing, and this can feel confused and chaotic to us.


Do not spend too long in one of these healing sessions, as this process drains your energy. Limit a session to about forty minutes to begin with, in order to protect your energy. Always ensure you close down the coning meeting with a clear instruction for all nature beings and spirits to leave. These beings are very different to us: they are potent, and you need to approach with some caution.


After three years of work, my house is now in a much better state. I often find beautiful wildlife literally on my doorstep in my tiny city garden. When visitors arrive, they often comment that it is a lovely house. These methods are applicable in any situation, and I really encourage you to experiment for yourself.


Using Essences to Support your Home and Local Environment


Start with whatever essences you already have, dowse or create your own blend, or try some of the following essences I am going to share with you – as these have given me consistently good results.


The basis methodology is:

1. First, cleanse the space

2. Bring in essences which support a higher and more harmonious vibration

3. Check and maintain this regularly


Alaskan Essences

The Alaskan Essences are made in co-creation with Nature, and offer an extensive range that can be used environmentally – particularly for cleansing and refreshing your space.

I personally love Glacier River, Portage Glacier and Stone Circle: each holds a pure, firm energetic pattern which can really support your intention to clear and balance a space.


The Alaskan blends of Purification, Guardian and Calling All Angels are designed as Sacred Space sprays and I feel that the pristine qualities of the Alaskan wilderness, captured

in these essences, is incredibly revitalising, helping to “wake up” your environment. These essences work well in water-based methods of diffusion into the environment.




Devic Essences 

Some of the most effective environmental essences I have worked with are the Devic essences made by David Ashworth. These have been channelled in direct communication with nature in specific sacred locations in the British Isles, and hold a very strong and pure vibration.


Some of these essences can be used both to support you personally and as a gift to aid the fairies and elementals.


Merry Maidens can be used directly on the ground to transmit its vibration into the local landscape, cleansing and healing the elemental spirits. This essence also supports you in your attempts to communicate more effectively with nature.


Devil’s Arrows North can also be used directly on the earth, helping with unpleasant or polluting energies and residues. Use it to cleanse local ley lines, and – when you have finished working in an area of geopathic stress – use it to bring in some ‘faery dust’. Holding a few drops of Devil’s Arrows North in the back of your throat will strongly protect you when working with toxic earth energies.


Flora Corona

The 12 Colour Rainbow Elixir from Flora Corona is beautifully effective for spraying all the external boundaries of your property, making the whole place feel brighter and clearer. This essence was created with a great deal of attention to detail: it captures the unique, harmonious tone and shade of each of the twelve colours. As an all-purpose essence, it is very useful – and has the added benefit of making the environment more attractive to wildlife.



Perelandra offer an extensive range of essences specifically intended for environmental use, such as their Emergency Trauma Solutions for Water, Soil and Atmosphere, and the Essence of Perelandra.


The protocol with Perelandra essences is very different. It was developed in cooperation with Nature to support the establishment of a productive garden on land which has previously seen very destructive battles and/or a great many environmental challenges. Here, you offer drops of essence to the devas on a clean teaspoon as a tool for them to work with, and combine this with your specific request. You then discard the essence.



Long-term Care of your Space

There are many ways in which you can infuse essences into your space, but you cannot do it just once and then forget about it. I have found that a blend needs to be applied consistently for some days or weeks. Follow the nudges of your own intuition and try out new methods. Below are some of the methods I have personally found effective.


• Become clear on your intention for the blend you wish to use: for example, “I wish to cleanse this room of old energetic debris that does not serve me”. You can ask the devas to use the essences in support of their work.

• Add your own essence blends to an essential oil vaporizer. You will replenish and run it continually for this specific purpose. (I find this more effective than spraying as it is more consistent, and does not leave water droplets on your walls and furniture.) Again, check with the devas concerning how long you need to maintain this.

• If your bathroom is near the centre of your house, fill the bathtub or kitchen sink and add essences. (I find this particularly effective with the Alaskan environmental essences.) My experience has been that this has a remarkably positive energetic effect on rooms and corridors nearby.

• Place essence booles and crystals on a grid – for example made from a Flower of Life pattern (see image below) – which can consistently radiate the essences into the space.

Working with your own immediate environment in this way will not only help you to feel good, it will also help to support the environment that we all share. By nudging our own backyards into a better state of energetic well-being, we can improve, not just our carbon footprint, but our energetic footprint.


IMAGES: Dent Meditation Centre, courtesy of the centre; Merry Maidens

courtesy of Wikipedia Commons; Alaskan Essence Images courtesy of

Alaskan Essences; Flora Corona Essence courtesy of Flora Corona;

Perelandra Essence courtesy of Alyss Thomas; Pixabay images individually

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