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Simple and convenient tips for making the most of red energy in your life

Request the assistance of  Red when you need to tackle something difficult, for example let’s say you wish to defeat some procrastination or clutter.  Spray your space with a red essence, wear red, work on a day when Mars is well aspected  (Tuesdays are said to be Mars days) and have just a small amount of a stimulating “red” food, such as a fiery curry, or dark chocolate.

Red Affirmations

There is deep joy and radiant light in my heart

I feel safe and secure on the Earth

I am grounded and strong

I feel deep vitality within

I am confident and I enjoy my life

I am present

Everyday items in Red

Invite just a little more red into your life to bring increased vitality. Red flowers, crystals, clothing, décor, foods and drinks – you don’t need much to tune in to the red vibration.  Whatever red items you choose, be sure that you really love them, don’t bring in anything you feel so-so about.

Mix the red with white to make it feel more spacious and less overpowering. Pink is a softer, gentler and more harmonious way to bring in red energy.  Pink is cosy, warm and nurturing on days when pure red would be too much.  There are many different tones of red and pink, each with their own feeling tones. Magenta is a hue in its own right – see the forthcoming article on Magenta, known as the “beauty ray”.  The secret with making use of red is to be respectful of it, just as we are with fire. You only need a little – as with chocolate and coffee, which could both be described as red energies, just enough is perfect, and can help you get fired up, feel sexy, defeat procrastination and give you an energy boost. Too much leads to overstimulation. excess yang energies, and even exhaustion, and you need to discern how much is enough as everyone is different.

Allow yourself to enjoy anything red you are attracted to, whether this is a lush red rose, a red apple, a red velvet cushion, a red dress, or a glass of red wine or juice. Take the time to be mindful, and observe how the item affects you energetically, and how it makes you feel.  Say you put on a pair of red shoes    then take the time to enjoy and appreciate them, and let yourself have the experience of how it feels different to walk on the earth in red shoes. On a cold day, wrap yourself in a red scarf or coat and again allow yourself to take in and enjoy the warm red energy.  Red is the pure energy of vitality, and vitality is a precious energy to protect and nurture so that it does not diminish or get frittered away as we grow older. To be present with this energy is nourishing.

Colour breathing

You can literally breathe in the red colour energy – this is easiest with a beautiful red flower. Cup a red flower in your hands and imagine you are exchanging energy and breath with the flower as you breathe deeply in and out.  Place drops of a Red essence on your palms and breathe it in. You need to relax and enjoy the experience, and take a few minutes to allow yourself  to “see” the warm red energy that you are breathing in, allowing it to fill you up from the soles of your feet to your crown.  If the flower is fragrant, then it is easy to focus your attention on the scent of the flower, and allow this to suffuse throughout your body.

“Red” Walking

Take time to have a special experience of an energising walking meditation.  It is perfect if you can do this barefoot on the grass, but you can also do it in your shoes on the street.  While you are walking, bring your attention to your base chakra, and connect with your energy in your base.  Then practise sending your energy and power down into the earth.  It can help if when you push off with your foot, you push the energy down and then allow the earth to “push back” as your foot meets the ground, so that it feels as if the earth is “walking you” just as much as you are walking on the earth.  Try different speeds or even running, as it may be easier to raise the energy if you push the energy down faster and harder.

Red visualisations

What we call “just our imagination” can be an immensely powerful tool, especially when you combine it with a clear intention.  Thus when you practise these simple fun exercises, decide in advance something specific you would like to attain from doing it.

Imagine being enfolded in the wings of a red angel. Imagine the angel of red standing behind you and infusing you with red power, from the ground up. 

Practise breathing in a red coloured energy light. Relax deeply, and when you are fully relaxed, as you breathe in imagine that you are breathing in a warm red energising light that nourishes and sustains you.  See this light gradually filling you up, from the bottom of your feet . (If you are especially prone to headaches, anxiety or tension, then don’t bring the red light up higher than your heart area). As you breathe out, breathe out old the energies or feelings that you no longer need. See them streaming out with your breath.  See the old energies leaving your body and being replaced by red light.

The Phoenix

“What gives light must endure burning” – Victor Frankl

There are many challenging experiences in life that can make or break us. It is like everything can be seen as a test of strength, focus and purpose.  When you go through a major period of change, the old energies that you no longer need can fall away into the ashes and a new and lighter sense of yourself can emerge. If the heaviest, most karmic issues reside in the first chakra, then we need something to help lift us up.

The Phoenix that rises from the destruction of a fire – the Firebird –   represents overcoming and leaving behind the difficulties of the past through the process of transformation.    

Imagine you are the Phoenix. Imagine energetic fire arising in your base chakra.  Allow this fire to rise, slowly as far as your navel and then take it down again.  Imagine this fire is purifying and freeing.  Slowly allow the red energetic fire to arise again, this time up into your heart and shoulders, and feel your wings opening up at your shoulder blades. When you feel you have enough energy, now you can rest on this energy and rise upwards, leaving behind the reside of the past.  Feel your freedom and power to move into a new cycle of life.  To ground this in your life, make sure to embed ne actions and habits until they are well established.  As with all visualisation processes like this, the effectiveness depends upon how much focus and commitment you give it.  You do not need to repeat it lot of times, but when you do it you need to be utterly focused.

Goddess and Divine Feminine  energies associated with Red. 

There are countless goddesses who are associated with earth and Fire.    Here are Brigit and Pele.

Pele inhabits the  Halemaumau crater on Kilauea. In Hawaii that is continuously erupting and sending forth fire and molten lava.    She is associated with dynamic action and creative power. There are stories that she had a long search to find her true self and her true place – and now the island is spreading day by day. These fiery goddesses are both destructive and creative, clearing away the old to make a foundation for the new.   She represents energy, motivation and strength, the very fuel of manifestation.  Hawaii’s landmass is growing day by day, but at the same time people’s homes and livelihoods are destroyed by lava. Kali is another goddess who gives and destroys life in equal measure.

Brigit/Brigid – of Ireland, Wales, Spain and France – is Goddess of the hearth, fire, fertility, inspiration, poetry, martial arts, learning and healing. She is known for her red hair. She has been greatly loved and venerated particularly in Ireland.

“Bride, excellent woman,
sudden flame,
may the fiery, bright sun
take us to the lasting kingdom”

Her  sacred flame is symbolic of the creative principle. In Kildare, Ireland, Brigid’s shrine had a continually burning sacred fire, but in 1220 it was ordered to be extinguished  by Archbishop Henry of Dublin.  As a Sun Goddess, born at the exact moment of dawn, she bears the gifts of knowledge, inspiration, and the life force and healing energy of the sun.  She is complete within herself.  As  a triple goddess, She reigns over three aspects of life united by fire. The fire of inspiration poetry, learning, divination, witchcraft, occult knowledge and prophecy.  In this aspect She appears as a poet and a muse.  The fire of the forge  – a  smith creates anew and fixes broken things.  The fire at the hearth  – medicine, spiritual healing, fertility, midwifery, and vital energy.

Before the Celts, as far back as 3000 BCE, Brigid s celebrated at Imbolc on 2nd February, which marks the beginning of the end of winter and turning towards the new life of spring just as the new lambs are born. From her apple orchard in the Otherworld, her bees bring their magical nectar to earth.   Flowers and shamrocks and new life spring up all around her.

“I am Brid, beloved of Erin, spirit of fire, healer of ills, warrioress of old, protector of life, woman of power, sovereign Mother of all creation. I create, I inspire, I make magick. I am old, I am young, I am eternal. I am the All-Power personified. I am me… Brid.”  –  (Celtic Myth and Magic – Harnessing the Power of the Gods and Goddesses by Edain Mc Coy, 65.)

Make your own relationship with the Fire element.

Fire is understood as one of the primary elements in all indigenous cultures and shamanic traditions. The elemental beings associated with fire are known as Salamanders, and if you gaze in an unfocused way into a fire, sometimes you can imagine you see them. Dragons are also known to be fiery.  The Red Dragon of Wales can be seen as symbolising the resilience of the Celtic peoples and their hidden wisdom traditions through countless generations, always arising again.

Print out the Red Flower of Life available in the shop ( use CODE to download it for free and show image as page illustration here) . Use this as an aid in meditation, to energise your space, and to charge your essences, jewellery and crystals. You can use it as the focus of an altar set up for a specific purpose to do with creating or maintaining  new intentions – or simply to help maintain a positive and vibrant atmosphere. Write red affirmations and place them on the grid – burn a red candle in a heatproof holder in the centre of the grid and invoke the Fire element to energise this.   If you are sensitive,  don’t place the grid near where you sleep, as Red can affect the sleep of some people.  You can also use a healing pendulum to broadcast your intentions for the grid once it is set up.

Fire is an important component in any ritual or ceremony, and you can request the support of Fire to intensify and add energy to your intention, or to burn and take something away.   By invoking Brigid or another fire goddess you can focus your intention to remove obstacles, to create and manifest, or to increase your willpower.

Fire is associated with willpower. The direction of Red is South, the season is Summer, the planet is Mars. In modern Tarot, the element of Wands stands for the fiery swiftness of intuition, inner knowing, taking action, dynamic and passionate expression.  This energy can bring about change, but you also have to manage the flux and instability, and willpower needs to be balanced with wisdom!

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