Mayflower Essences

Flowers, plants, gems, and colours that heal – a beautiful way to work with Nature as your companion on your healing journey.

Flower essences, and essences made from selected gems and colours, are a subtle yet powerfully effective way to address many kinds of problems, chakra imbalances and particularly emotional and mental states. They are most effective when you want to create change in yourself, and work through the personal issues that make you feel uncomfortable, unwell, or that hold you back in other ways.   Essences contain the etheric imprint of the plant material, and thus they offer information from the plant that the body is able to read and use in a subtle way.  Essences are experienced by the etheric body, the emotional body, and less directly by the physical body, although some people experience direct physical sensations when using them.


Essences are used for targets such as increasing creativity, manifesting your goals, or addressing those old blocks and strategies you keep putting in your way, that you are tired of but can’t seem to eliminate.  They are not a substitute for therapy, but working with essences in a planned and structured way is a form of therapy in its own right, and can also be used alongside any other form of treatment or healing without any side effects.


When you need help


Flower essences are ideal for people who are sensitive, who appreciate a relationship with Nature, or who have perhaps tried other modalities without success.  Practitioners do not make any claims that we can heal anything, but if you feel better in yourself, you are then in a stronger position.


Once someone has the experience of working with an experienced essence practitioner, they come back, as there is nothing else like this: subtle, gentle and yet powerful.  You can take essences alongside medication, including homeopathy.  There is no physical residue of plant material in the essence, only an energetic imprint in water, preserved  and stabilised with a  very small amount of alcohol. If you are taking an essence internally you only take a very few tiny drops a day, and there are many ways to use them externally without ingesting them.

The consultation process lies at the centre of flower essence treatment.  To create an effective treatment plan for your unique individual needs requires careful listening, discernment and experienced understanding from the practitioner.

My many years of experience as a psychotherapist and mentor are invaluable in helping me discern the underlying issues that have given rise to current difficulties, limitations or distress.  This is very different to selecting a few essences for yourself, because it is important to work in layers, and release old energies step by step,  to understand clearly what level of your being we are working with, and how this fits into the bigger picture of who you are.

A practitioner holds the space for you as the process unfolds, as when you release an old or stuck issue, you may have an emotional experience.

Flower essence healing, treatment or medicine is still a relatively unknown modality.  It is a rising star, a way of working that has been quietly flourishing across the world since Dr Bach developed his first flower essence treatments in his British medical practice in the 1930s.  His original collection of 38 flower remedies is now used in almost every country.  Flower essence treatment is even used in hospitals in Brazil, and fascinating research has been undertaken on their use. Essences are now available from many countries, and in my practice, I work with a stunning range of essences, such as Flora Corona from Hawaii, Desert Alchemy from the Arizona Desert, Hope Farm, Alaskan Essences, Bach essences, English wild and garden essences, and many more.


Your consultation can be held anywhere in the world, and I will then post your essence blends to you.


I offer a free 20-minute free consultation, where you can ask any questions, and I can ascertain if this is a good treatment modality for the issues you want to deal with.  We can then work out a plan for you to move forward.


As an Advanced Essence Practitioner, I work with many beautiful and potent essence ranges, including Bach Essences,  Devic Essences, Flora Corona, Alaskan Essences, Desert Alchemy, Living Tree Orchid Essences, and many more.