– The Emerald Heart –

The Emerald Heart is a new system for evolution and personal transformation that goes beyond anything that you will have experienced before.  The Emerald Heart Light is a light that brings Truth and evolved consciousness directly into your life.

If you really want to grow, develop and evolve spiritually, there is nothing else like it.   One of the universal spiritual laws is that once you reach a certain point, you cannot go further on your own, and you need a guide.

As an Emerald Heart Practitioner I offer spiritual mentoring, opening consciousness, spiritual evolution, entity removal and clearance, and help with life issues and problems.

I first got involved in the Emerald Heart as a client because of difficulties and life issues that I could not resolve, no matter how much therapy and healing I did – and I discovered that some therapists will take you on and say they can help you, even though they may be out of their depth with what you are struggling with.   I know what it is like to be stuck for years even though you do your best and try everything. I was so frustrated that I could not express my considerable potential.  Emerald Heart work goes deeper than healing or therapy, and works at the level of your deepest fears and limitations, including those arising from past lives. To work as an Emerald Heart Practitioner, you have to have done this work yourself.  The Light works through the practitioner, and is not limited by the practitioner’s personality or ego. You can see the work of The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment at  http://www.emerald-heart.com

You can decide for yourself if this work calls to you – you will know if it feels right for you.   This work is for real, and if you are ready to face your challenges and reveal your true potential, and you engage with integrity and commitment, it will change your life profoundly.

How it works:  Emerald Heart work is a blend of personal consultations (in person, phone or skype), combined with Emerald Heart Essences.  Following your consultation, working with the Emerald Heart Guides and mentors, we determine the real, underlying issues that need to be addressed.  I select Emerald Heart essences for you which bring a tremendous energy of change, which you take for some weeks between sessions.  The essences will literally remove or dissolve the underlying fears and attitudes which are holding your difficulties and limitations in place, so you don’t have to keep working on them indefinitely – you can move on. You can catch the wave of your life, move on rather than dragging behind.