– Divine Plan Healing –

“Divine Plan” means according your sacred divine blueprint for who you really are.  These sessions are more gentle and nourishing, but powerful.   You can do a single session, which is an ideal gentle introduction to Emerald Heart work, or a series.  You can choose one target issue per session, for example, you could choose a target of “I want to be more confident in the way I talk to clients and colleagues at work.”

Divine Plan sessions can be held in person, or as distant healing sessions.  They involve an initial consultation, full instructions and guidance, the healing session of about 90 minutes, the Emerald Heart Divine Plan Essence, and a short follow up session a few weeks later.

You can choose from:

Individual Healing Sessions

For any personal target that you want to achieve.

Group Healing Sessions and Distant Group Sessions

This is the option to choose if more than one person wants to benefit from the healing. It is ideal for families, couples, and also for any group that is coming together where it is very important that everything goes as well as possible for all concerned.

Event Healing Sessions are ideal if there is a planned event such as a meeting, interview, journey or any occasion that is important or special, and you want some extra help to ensure it goes well for you and for the highest good of all concerned.

I offer a free initial phone or skype call if you wish to discuss the possibility of Emerald Heart work.

Testimonial - Donna

“My husband and I, along with our two small children, were traveling (by car) about 3,000 miles (round trip), during late winter, to visit family.  Along the way, I wanted to rent hotels with an indoor pool so that my kids could have an outlet for all that pent up energy.  When I looked in advance to book rooms along our route (before the blessing), I couldn’t find any.  However, when I looked the day or two before we needed them, one would always be available (and within my tight budget).  The blessing allowed me to trust the process and that what I needed would be provided. However, it didn’t just cover the lodging, but inspired a peaceful visit with family (who are usually full of drama).  The people who we were most worried about causing issues in our visits simply didn’t for didn’t show up.  It seemed like divine timing as they were supposed to show, but something came up last minute and they became unavailable.  Even family we hadn’t seen in a while, who we really wanted to reconnect with, were easily available (even thought they were previously sick and couldn’t come).


On the way home, the day we left, an unexpected ice storm hit.  The interstate we were supposed to take was backed, adding hours onto that leg of the trip.  Instead, we took a smaller highway, which ran parallel to the interstate and took us directly where we needed to go.  This allowed us to keep the car moving (at a turtle’s pace).  Although we slid when we hit patches of black ice, we never left our lane.  There were a bunch of small towns we could stop at to get gas or coffee and kolaches.  It turned out to be a great bonding experience for our little family.


During the last day of the trip, we noticed that our ABS and traction control lights were coming on and that the breaks were shaking a bit.  We made an appointment with the mechanic to have it checked out when we arrived home.  The diagnosis was bad rear wheel bearings, which if bad enough could have caused the tire to fall off.


I believe that because of the blessing provided by Alyss, our trip turned out to be a great experience with limited stress, drama, and complications.  Normally things that would have set me (or my husband) into a stressed mess, I (he) handled with ease and grace.

If you are worried about a trip or are having some negative thoughts about traveling, I would highly encourage you to seek out Alyss for a blessing.  This is my third travel blessing, and the other trip was just as amazing as this one, so it isn’t a fluke/one time coincidence.”


Donna, Texas

Testimonial - Corien

“Since I live in Holland and she in Great Britain the distant part of the healing was easily done. We had a short Skype conversation where Alyss was very patient, and lovingly created a safe place for me to open up about my intention for the healing. As she mentioned, this type of healing is more intense and seems to reach deeper parts of you. And I can confirm that. Something deep and old was touched which needed to surface, in order for me to be able to take a next step. “

Corien, Netherlands

Testimonial - D

I think you somehow are able to calm someone down without even having to use so many (if at all any) words.  As if you spread some sort of soothing energy through which I am able to figure out what the intention of the healing should be.  And I think you are really good at picking up my energy to really discern  the true healing target.  You seem to have a lot of empathy.