Being Functional

Many of us accept not being fully functional as normal, and in fact we accept quite a high level of feeling dysfunctional as completely  normal.  We think it is ok to spend our time feeling tired, grungy, dissatisfied, anxious, in a low mood, and knowing something isn’t quite right – because we don’t know how to change it on our own, we think this is all we can expect.  We think that being reactive, irritated or fed up is just how we are, and there’s nothing we can do about it.


What happens is when we don’t feel right, we work even harder to survive, to maintain the status quo, and to manage whatever it is we have to manage.  Talk to anyone who is struggling with a painful situation – for example a job or a relationship where we feel a bit miserable –  more often than not, we fight to be able to stay in the situation, rather than fight to get a new perspective on the situation, change or leave the situation!

Actually if you are not feeling good most of the time, this is a sign that something is calling for your attention.  Your “normal” state of mind needs to include wellbeing, peacefulness, happiness and joy. If these qualities are completely absent,  do not continue to endure it!  It’s time to get help from someone that you feel you can trust to hold your best interests at heart, who doesn’t have any investment in whatever decisions you make.


There’s a universal law that we must reach out to someone else for help when we need to get through and  beyond the places and situations where we have become stuck.  None of us can do this on our own, and each of us needs the support and insight of someone who can see you and your situation clearly from a detached but loving viewpoint.  Don’t wait about and waste your precious time!